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Phantom Sniper Phantom Sniper

Pay attention to your mission brief, find the targets and shoot to kill. Be sure to follow the guidelines or you are on a path to failure.

Sniper Duty Sniper Duty

Forget all you have learnt about patience. In this hardcore game you have 60 seconds to snipe down as many enemies as you can. Speed is of the essence.

Rambo The Fight Continues Rambo The Fight Continues

Head to the Jungle and unleash all the fury that is Rambo. Combat waves of mercenaries that attack from all sides. Eyes in the back of your head would be your best tool in this game.

Hired Gun Hired Gun

Take on the role of a hired assassin in this game. Use your laptop to accept jobs and head to the streets. The better you perform the more money and respect you get.

Hired Gun 2 Hired Gun 2

In this sequel to Hired Gun you will find a wider variety of levels and more action than in the prequel. If you like Hired Gun you are going to love Hired Gun 2.

Full Time Killer Full Time Killer

Take on an entire game in this action packed sniper game. You want to make it to the big time? You have to complete the level without getting shot in the fastest time possible.

Panda Tactical Sniper Panda Tactical Sniper

Tired of the usual, gangster mob characters? Well in this sniper game it's your job to protect and serve for this ruthless panda bear. Warning; He is not as cute as he looks.

Panda Tactical Sniper 2 Panda Tactical Sniper 2

This updated version of Panda Tactical Sniper offers enhanced graphics and an even more complex storyline that the original. If the first game just wasn't enough, here is your perfect opportunity.

Camper Strike Camper Strike

Consider other sniper games too easy? Then this is the game for you. Track down high speed moving objects and just try and keep your hand steady.

Chav Hunter Chav Hunter

It is your mission to rid the streets of the usual gangster suspects. While the first level may seem easy, it won't be long before you are dodging rockets and missiles from every direction.

Sniper Assassin 1 Sniper Assassin 1

Unlike the usual sniper games you are going to have to be patient and stealthy in this one. Read your mission brief very carefully, as the slightest mistake can lead to failure.

Sniper Assassin 2 Sniper Assassin 2

As if the first version wasn't enough, the missions in Sniper Assassin 2 get even more difficult and in depth. Seek out revenge and glory in this action packed sequel.

Save The Witness Save The Witness

The president has been assassinated and there is only one witness. It is your job to protect and serve by keeping the witness safe so that the killer can be brought to trial.

3D Swat 3D Swat

Enough stick figure games. Get into this 3D action game and train yourself to become one of the elite swat members of all time.

Assassination Simulator Assassination Simulator

Take a bite out of terrorism and get your hands on a licence to kill. You have permission to do whatever it takes to keep your country safe in this realistic simulation.

Police Sniper Police Sniper

Accept missions, read the brief and get out onto the streets. You will become engulfed in a number of varying missions and scenes, but be warned, you are going to need to practice to master this sniper game.

Head Shot Head Shot

The title says it all. Your character is forced out of retirement in order to keep the country safe from terrorists. And remember, only head shots count.

Blood Shot Blood Shot

Sound a little grotesque? Well that's because it is. Take out drug dealers, construction workers and a host of characters in the most brutal ways possible. The more gore, the better.

Hit Stick Hit Stick

The graphics in this game are more than appealing and the action is non stop. Take on the role of a professional killer and take down as many people as you can.

Marksmen Marksmen

You will battle against a mutant take over in this sniper game as you take to the streets. The aliens are everywhere and you are society's last remaining hope.

One Shot One Kill One Shot One Kill

You only have one shot to complete each of these missions so use it wisely. Patience is a virtue so relax, breathe easy and calm your nerves before you accept each mission brief.

Flash Crisis Flash Crisis

Face off against two enemies in this sniper game. You have to not only deal with the bad guys but also fight against the clock. Accuracy and timing are the only things that will get you out alive.

Sniper School Sniper School

The point of this game is to seek revenge for the murder of your wife. Forget all the rules snipers must live by and kill everyone that stands in your way.

Sniper Global Mercenary Sniper Global Mercenary

Start off in the snowy streets of Austria and face off against a castle of opponents. Your brief will be short and to the point but the missions are anything but.

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